From: Brunette, Terry

To: 'awagner'

Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 9:24 PM

Subject: 1450 West 64th Avenue "Kogawa House" Update

Thank you for your voicemail and email.

As discussed, Anton, the City seeks to accommodate the interests of the present owner and your Committee to preserve the house. With this in mind, we are providing the following update. The new owner has a clear appreciation for the house and seeks only to make alterations to increase its comfort and livability. The City is working to clear these minor, short-term renovations through a building permit application. City staff do not feel the house is at risk now. The owner will occupy the house as soon as possible, and the alterations should be reversible leaving the character defining features intact.

Nominating a building to the register is usually done with the owner's full support and consent. The Kogawa House was brought to the Vancouver Heritage Commission as an information item and the status ("A") was the result of a preliminary evaluation by City staff. Nominations to the register follow a prescribed process. The staff evaluation is corroborated by the Commission and a resolution is then passed by City Council. Staff suggest working with the owner (when circumstances permit) to develop a long-term preservation plan which could include a recommendation to Council that the house is nominated to the Vancouver Heritage Register.

Given the new owner's appreciation for the house and the amount of media attention recently, respecting her privacy will be the most effective strategy to build a collaborative (and constructive) working relationship. In the meantime, the Committee could consider using this period for organizational development, "capacity building" and strategic planning. Discussion of the long-term preservation strategies could occur after developing a business plan and strategic plan which are premised on the purchase of the house.  The Kogawa Homestead Committee is to be represented on the Heritage Commission Subcommittee.  In developing long-range goals, we suggest you work with the Subcommittee to advise you, bearing in mind the present ownership of the house.  I  would be happy to provide the contact information.

We met this afternoon (Thursday, December 18) with the owner to assist with the building permit application and will be informing Councillors Green, Louis and Woodsworth of these developments. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Terry Brunette, Heritage Planner