March 27, 2004

We are all still here, working away at the Kogawa Homestead project.  It has sunken in that this will be a project of years and not weeks or months and we have therefore made it an everyday part of our lives.  The new year holds many exciting things, not least of which will be the work on the opera production of Naomi's Road in Vancouver.  We will bring you the news as it comes.

January 29 2004

The webmaster has been asleep at the switch.  But here we all are again.  Over the coming days, I will be plugging away at trying to simplify and enrich the site.  Nothing critical will disappear:  it will just be a bit of a shuffle.  We now have two big priorities:  SIGNATURES  and FUNDRAISING.   Countless people have mentioned their support to all of us along the way, but we need you to sign in--in the eyes of the public, our gustbook is the measure of how strongly you feel.  With donations, we recognize that these are difficult times and that many of the writers and artists who have so warmly joined us are not in the position of having secure incomes:  still, every dollar will help.  Thank you, each and every one, for the encouragement and the concern.  And please, stay with us:  it may be a long fight.

January 4, 2004

The coverage from the Nikkei
Voice,  the National Forum for
Japanese  Canadians, has now
been added to the media page. 
You link here or access it at any time from the navigation bar on the left side of the Homepage.

Thank you for your interest and support in the last
couple of months.  The push now is for donations, great and small.  And we will continue to update the site with all things Joy-ful.

And best wishes for a safe, fulfilling and prosperous New Year from all of us at the Committee.

December 23, 2003

The mechanism is now in place to make tax deductable donations.  See our homepage for details
or link here if you wish to make a donation as a gift.
You can print out a numbered acknowledgement and the tax receipt will arrive in good time.

December 20, 2003

We have learned that the Vancouver Heritage Commission will not be recommending the property for designation to the Vancouver City Council.  Click here to view their e-mail.  We are grateful to Terry Brunette and his staff for their ongoing effort and hope that they will continue to work with the new owner to protect the home until it is possible to purchase it.  Please feel free to e-mail your concerns to the Mayor and the City Council of Vancouver at:

December 10, 2003

A week so upsi-doun.  First we thought the house would be no more but a flurry of activity produced results and a renewed interets among many.  Link here to our new media page.

December 2, 2003

The Kogawa Homestead Committee is now in the process of incorporating:  the pilgrimmage to a lawyer with a draft constitution has been made.  The rental situation in Vancouver remains unclear.  Finally, the site will be a little stale for a couple of weeks as the webmaster has deadlines to meet.  Urgent news, however, will be posted.  Keep signing in, though!  It is very encouraging to all the gophers to see new friends in the guestbook!

23 November 2003

No word yet from Vancouver, but we have had almost 1600 visitors and we have now received free listings on most of the major search engines. 

21 November 2003

Prospective tenants have been found but , now, the new owner is unsure of renting without renovating.  Our Vancouver crew is looking into the situation and we should have news next week.

20 November 2003

The webperson realized this morning, in the throes of a whimsy fit, that we do not have a site song.  So,
click HERE , and wait a patient 30 seconds or so to give it a chance to load, for the as official as it gets Kogawa Homestead Web Song.

19 November 2003

See What Ontario Says for letter of support from Toronto City Councillor Kyle Rae, received with thanks.

18 November 2003

The house is definitely sold but the new owner wants to rent, not occupy.  He will wait until Saturday to advertise if we can find a sympathetic tenant willing to pay $1800 month (11 year lease) for 2 bedrooms --one little, one big--a finished basement with low ceiling and a big back yard and a big front yard.  If we could find someone, we could hold the property for one more year as we fundraise to make an offer on this or a comparable property, although in Joy's eyes there is no other place on earth like this one.

17 November 2003

Vancouver-based writer, Sook C. Kong, writes on November 11 of her memories of Joy' s reading at the old house.  Link here to read her moving reflections.

15 November 2003

The committee is holding its breath.  An offer has been accepted on the house--we don't know who made it but we have been told that it will not be torn down for now, which gives us a bit of time to organize and purchase it.

Meanwhile, we have added new pages to the website.  Click here to read the recollections of Fr. Tim Nakayama, Joy's brother, of the house and to view the family photo album.

10 November 2003

Our site statistics as of this morning are quite remarkable.  We have had 1,949 visitors since the site went up on November 3.  Out of respect for people's privacy, we have not tracked  information which would identify viewers.  We have, however, tracked country of origin and the data retrieved is remarkable.
We have had visitors from not only Canada and the United States, but also Taiwan,  Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Israel, Italy, South Korea,  Netherlands,  Norway, Sweden , Trinidad and Tobago, and a strange place called "Other," which can only be tracked by playing dirty pool with privacy, which we will not do.

In the last decade, we have seen the birth of the genre of "international music."  With these statistics, we see the proof that Canada has now at least one sturdy entry in the equivalent  genre of "world literature."  Once again, Joy has brought many diverse people together.

8 November 2003

E-mail reminders came about Joy's newest book,
"A Garden of Anchors:  Selected Poems" from Mosaic Press (2003), a beautiful book to read and, with design by Aiko Suzuki, a beautiful book just to hold and admire.

6 November 2003

Gloria Sawai, 2002 Governor General's Award winner for English fiction, has written to us.  Her letter is posted in "Letters from Friends."

In answer to questions about what use the house should be put to, the question remains open.  The most inexpensive option is a writer's retreat.  A museum would require extensive renovations in accordance with regulatins for public buildings, staff and, probably, legal expenses for re-zoning.

3 November 2003

There is no big news yet.  Anton Wagner is continuing to investigate the best way of forming a legal entity and an affiliation with a charitable organization to receive donations.

A letter will have reached Her Excellency, Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada, by tomorrow, seeking her wise advice and interest.

Our friends in Vancouver continue their efforts with local councillors and continue to investigate historical designation of the property.
Joy's latest book, available in bookshops and from Nikkei Books.