November 11, 2003    

At the National Association of Japanese Canadians Annual General  Meeting in early October, Linda Ohama made a presentation requesting  support for the project to preserve the Kogawa home.

The Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association would        like to acknowledge and endorse the need to preserve the Kogawa homestead.  This essential piece of property should be preserved as a historic site  because of its significance not only to Japanese Canadians but to all  Canadians.   We acknowledge the timely need for financial
and other forms of support to save the Kogawa home.              

On behalf of the board of the Greater Vancouver JCCA, we offer our  services in support of this project. If you have any questions, please contact me at .             

Yours sincerely,             

Ron Nishimura      
President, Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association      
#200 - 6688 Southoaks Crescent,        Burnaby,
B.C. V5E 4M7